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What is Team ETA? 


It is to provide some venues for a variety of players to stay with their existing teams and teammates, but branch out and experience events not every team is able to do.

How are players chosen for Team ETA?


Players that participate in our Let's Play For U Camps and have a strong academic background. We would evaluate those players interested based on academics, skill set, positions, input from the colleges who have worked our camps, and input from your team managers if you wish for them to weigh in.

Who are the coaches for Team ETA?


Team will be coached by myself and Dan Bryant.  We will be adding other non-affiliated coaches based on the growth of the program. 

When are the first events?

 Nov 22-24, 2019 Huntington Beach, CA - Surf City Pre-Thanksgiving Tourney – coached by Dave Betcher and Dan Bryant


Email me at for details.

What's the information for the California Tournament?


Player cost for this event will be $300 for this tourney. You would be responsible for your travel, as well as hotel stay at a stay to play hotel that we would select.  We would play 5 games in 2 days, fly out sometime on Friday, and return late Sunday afternoon/evening … you have your own choices on preferred airlines and times. 

One parent minimum or guardian would need to accompany each player, this first event would be student athletes, with a 3.25 or better GPA, AND 16 under eligible age.  Click the link below for more information on this tournament.

What are expectations for playing time?

We will select 12-13 players, and everyone should expect to play relatively equal time, an exception would be attitude/behavior.  Not playing ability, if we select a player, she is an equal and will get the same opportunities as anyone else.  That’s how a team should be handled in these kinds of settings.

Why did we create Team ETA?

The intent long term of Team ETA, is to provide some venues for a variety of players to stay with their existing teams and teammates, but branch out and experience events not every team is able to do.  We do not, nor will not, coach a team in any program nor be looking for any player to use this opportunity to change teams.  Should this prove successful, we will look at expanding opportunities in 2018. 


This is a work in process, we will be adding your profile information to this website and we will assist, not take over, your college recruiting process provided you follow our process and suggestions.  This is in no way a guarantee of placement, but I think my record with schools when I was coaching of finding the right places for players was pretty solid.  I am tired of watching teams and programs who work hard and have fun together get broken up because of lack of opportunities. 


We can’t be everything to everyone, but maybe we can start a process and movement to offer more where needed, and still keep teams together for the long haul instead of one year at a time.  It is my opinion that teams don’t have everyone on the same page with recruiting and national competitive schedules, but maybe if some players get a chance once in a while to experience some new things, that may be enough to keep more teams together and keep friends playing together for multiple seasons. That’s my goal and my story, if you are interested.

Who do I contact to apply for Team ETA?

Please email me at if you are interested.  Include your players name, GPA, grade in school, playing age, positions, travel team, travel coach, email and cell phone number of contact.

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